Biography of Edward Munch.

  • Birth Date : 1863-12-12
  • Death Date : 1944-01-23
  • Birth Place: Loten, Germany
  • Death Place: Ekely, Norway
  • Occupation : Painter
  • Gender : Male

Edward Munch

Edward Munch, 20, a painter and original printmaker.he made a great contribution to the development of German Expressionism at the turn of the century.

He is a doctor who has made a great contribution to the cultural and political life of Norway.The son of Christian Munch and Laura Cathrine, Edward was born in Löten in 1863.

His mother died of tuberculosis in 1868.Then Edward, who lost his sister Sophie to the same disease in 1877, could not get rid of this fear of death that he had experienced in his childhood and teenage years for the rest of his life.

Munch, who seems to have been prone to painting at a young age, did not study painting.he decided to become a painter, leaving his engineering education, which he started in 1879, in 1880.

He entered the academy in Oslo, and his paintings were first exhibited at the Oslo Autumn Exhibition in 1883.At the age of 23, he opened his first solo exhibition of 110 works in 1889, on a state scholarship, he entered the art school of Leon Donnat in Paris.

in 1892, with an invitation from the Berlin Artists' Union, he exhibited 45 of his works in Germany.The 16 years that passed between his spiritual decease in 1908 and his first exhibition in Berlin were the most important periods in Munch's artistic life.He processed the pain and depression of his intense and passionate feelings that he experienced during this period with a linear style.

His famous painting “Scream” (1893) has become a symbol of the spiritual suffering of modern man.It became the first modern masterpiece in which the used colors and deformation were used so intensively as a means of expression.

Admitted to the clinic in 1909 due to nervous depression, Munch eventually settled in Oslo Fjod.

In 1930, his studies were slowed down due to eye disease.But Munch, who was considered a master by both Jugendstil artists and Expressionists, was also honored by surrealists and taken to their exhibitions.

”His sensitivity to the great Cry of Nature and his use of the greatest expressions of pain did not prevent Munch from committing a kind of darkness illuminated by a fiery love," and he died in Ekely, Norway in 1944.

Notable works:Sick Child(1886), Death Chamber(1892), Deathbed(1895), Dead Mother(1899), Scream (1893), Elem (1896), Man and Woman(1898), Kiss (1897), Dance of Life(1897-99)